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The Word for Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Asinan nannih ka hmin ṭihzahtu hrangah Dingfelnak Ni a suak ding ih, A thlapawl ah damnak a um ding; Cule nan fehsuak ding ih, Câwinn ih câwpa nopawl vekin nan khir ding.

Malachi 4:2

Ziangahtile himi damnak hminsinnak tuahsak a si mi pa cu kum 40 tlun mi a si.

Acts 4:22

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The Word for the Chin Standard Bible

Bible Thianghlim

Falam Chin is spoken in and around the Falam township in the Chin State, western Myanmar (former Burma), and also in India.

The complete "Chin Standard Bible" for Falam Chin is available since 2018, supported by Bibles International. Their page "Falam Chin Literacy" has a moving report about the joyous publication of the Chin Standard Bible. There you'll also find hyperlinks for reading scripture with Android, iOS or listening online.

Bibles International kindly granted us permission to publish The Word for Falam Chin from the Chin Standard Bible. The Word provides two complementary Bible verses for each day of the year, arranged on multiple lines for readability, in various Bible editions, free of cost.

A note about formatting: most of the Bible verses of The Word for Bible Thianghlim have been taken literally from the Bible text, with line-breaks added by the computer. Typically we would manually...

If you would like to support us in this, you can format the verses conveniently in a web application in your browser. Please contact us.

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